How to make a highlight video with Apple’s iMovie

Content Creation, Digital Literacy / Saturday, August 17th, 2019

One thing I do enjoy is editing video’s, especially when you’re dealing with great content. It makes the experience even better. You can even get your kids involved, especially if they want to be a YouTube star.

A lot of parents create videos on the weekend and an app like iMovie makes it very easy to bring all of those brilliant plays into one nice short video. In this post, I show you how to emphasise the plays using an image inserted into a video.

There is also a video you can watch here demonstrating the steps. This along with iMovie Sports Theme can turn footage of sporting events, such as your child’s soccer game, into professional-looking “sportscasts.”

1. Add a Freeze Frame

  1. Drag the video to the bottom section
  2. Play the video and pause (press space bar) at the point you would like to emphasise.

2. Add the highlight image

  1. Add the highlight image (Google “highlight circle transparent background” in images) to the bottom section
  2. Align it with the freeze frame part created in the previous section
  3. Select the image and then select the video overlay settings
  4. Select the dropdown list and select Picture in Picture
  5. Optionally click the Crop tool and rotate the image

3. Position the image over the section of the video

  1. Drag the outlined image over the person or part of the play you would like to emphasise
  2. Done

You can repeat these steps any number of times throughout your video and explore other types of highlight images such as arrows. As long as the image has a transparent background this process will work.

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